Finie Chunky Loafer - Matt & Nat

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Women’s classy simple oxford with chunky outsole.

Interior: Woven label with logo.
Material: Patent PU.
Dimensions: 1” outsole.
Our company is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

A well-maintained vegan leather can last a long time.
Here are some quick tips for maintaining your most loved Matt&Nat shoes in excellent condition.
Store the piece in a cool, dry place with little to no humidity, avoid storing items near one another to avoid rubbing or color transferring. Our products are protected and don't transfer color to other materials. However, some accessories with poor color fixation could transfer to our materials. If this happens, wipe the stain with mild soap and a white cotton cloth.

* Every time you use a product, use a dry cloth to eliminate all dirt and dust.
* Once a month, you can deep clean it with a mild soap solution mixed with water; carefully and lightly rub the surface with a white soft cloth such as a microfiber or sponge and remove the soap completely.
* Lastly, dry the surface with a dry white cotton cloth and remember to let the product completely dry before storing it in your closet.
* Avoid letting the product in the sunlight for long hours.